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Written by Mary Kane

June 24, 2021


I think most of us can say 2020 was a year. The lock-downs and restrictions changed everything; nothing looked or felt familiar. Our jobs did not look the same. Our grocery stores did not look the same. Our schedules did not look the same. And after several months of no beauty shops, hair cuts or manicures, we certainly did not look the same. Stores were running low, and our emotions were running high. The life we once loved was gone in a flash, and we seemed to be caught in a nightmare of the new normal. I wanted the old normal back. I felt disoriented.

Disoriented and drifting.

In 2020 I seemed to have lost my footing. The words untethered and disoriented crept into my vocabulary. I was adrift in a strange new world with only a mask, some hand sanitizer and a Zoom account to keep me afloat. Where was I heading?

The game changing statement.

During this surreal season, I heard a podcast that helped me get back on track. The speaker presented a challenging statement, maybe all this disorienting is really a reorienting. What if God is using all this chaos, cultural change and societal shift to realign our hearts and lives back to Him? Maybe we feel disoriented because we are being reoriented.

The GOAT (greatest of all times) Disorient

Reorienting isn’t anything new. God’s been using His reorientation program for thousands of years. Consider Abram (a.k.a. Abraham).

God said to him,

“Get out of your country, ​​From your family ​​and from your father’s house, ​​to a land that I will show you.  ​​I will make you a great nation; ​​I will bless you ​​And make your name great; ​​And you shall be a blessing.” Genesis 12: 1-2

Talk about a reorient. In one short conversation with God, Abram seems to lose everything normal, his home, his friends and much of his family. He even lost his name. God changed Abram’s name to better reflect His new direction for Abram’s life.

What was all this reorientation about?

God had more in mind for Abram than the life Abram had settled for. God was reorienting Abram’s life to give him not just life but an abundant life. This abundant life included greater responsibility, greater influence, greater purpose and greater fruit. Most significantly, God reoriented Abram’s life so Abram could have greater relationship with Him. That’s what God is always after.

Are you being reoriented?

Here are a few signs God’s reorienting your life:

  • Your best friend suddenly moves away or you have to move
  • Your job suddenly ends, or you are unexpectedly let go
  • A new opportunity appears out of the blue
  • A loved one or family member faces an unexpected illness or problem
  • A seemingly insurmountable obstacle appears out of nowhere
  • Something that has been very good and fruitful comes to an end
  • A problem you once thought conquered resurfaces
  • You are struggling with depression and/or restlessness

God’s reorientation plan includes risk, change, sacrifice, growth, fruit and blessing. It can also require bone-deep scary faith. But God promises to walk with you through it all. He will never leave you nor forsake you. You can trust the process because you can trust your Father.

What to do when you are disoriented

Pray. Bring every request, feeling and emotion to your Father. Let me challenge you to pray for God’s will while He is reorienting your life.

Study. Get in God’s Word as much as possible. Set a Bible time and stick to it. This is vital. We will never find God’s will for our lives apart from His Word.

Rest. Sometimes we need to take a break from everything and practice some self-care. Say no so you can say a better yes.

Serve. This may sound like the opposite of the last point, but some people experiencing reorientation need to stay engaged or re-engage in a different service opportunity rather than disengage. Sometimes healing comes through serving. Do what God is leading you to do.

Remember. This season will not last forever. God is using this time to transform your character to the image of Christ. While it seems this is a season of loss, it will be a season of gain. You will come out of reorientation with treasure.

On the other side of the great reorientation is great blessing.



Gregory Dickow: Shift your Thinking

Please leave a comment and tell us how you are being reoriented by God. We’d love to chat with you!

God bless! Mary Kane

all rights reserved. Copyright 2021

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