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Written by Mary Kane

July 2, 2021

Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this meant to me. My coworker stopped me in the hall to thank me for a mini box of chocolate I left in her mailbox the week before. It was my first mini ministry gift. I told her I was afraid she wouldn’t find it before it went stale. I only check my mail once a week or so, but I got this gift and your letter just when I needed it.

God’s perfect timing. I smiled in my heart at God and continued chatting with her for a few more minutes. As we both parted ways to continue the day’s work, I reflected on how much I love my mini ministry!

Mini Ministry defined

God has my attention about ministry.  The word mini is in ministry. Mini means “ a small version of something.” There are many large global ministries that do important work such as feeding the hungry, providing water for the thirsty, and healing the sick.  But needy people are all around us, everyday, everywhere. The walking wounded; broken, hurting people who are dying inside while they pretend to be living the dream. Everyone is looking for a reason to keep going. Who will help these hurting people?

Mini Ministry produces maxi impact

Of the 328 million Americans, about 65 million say they attend church.  That leaves 263 million people who do not have regular contact with a church or the ministries they offer. This is where mini ministries becomes crucial to the cause of Christ. Why? Because mini gifts produce maxi-impact, one soul at a time.

A little old lady from my church had a mini-ministry. Her mini-ministry was so small that it fit in her pocket. Every Sunday morning before church, she loaded her pockets with wrapped candies. She handed out her candies to the rowdie little kids of our church (mine included) before the service. She went to glory years ago but her legacy remains to this day.

A world of difference

Maybe we don’t need a big idea to change the world or impact the culture. Maybe it’s the small things we do in our everyday sacred living that make the biggest ministries. The cards, encouraging notes, thoughtful gifts, encouraging text messages, small gifts that make a world of difference. Maybe this is what a world wide ministry really means. Making a world of difference one little mini gift at a time.

What do you have to give?

A song, a cake, a card, a meatloaf? As Gregory DIckow often says, “What’s in your hand right now?” Seriously, what can you do to minister to someone in need? Simple acts equal big impact. When you use your gifts, your life will go from mundane to miraculous. Give it.

Make your mini ministry plan

Take a moment and ask yourself a few questions, What can I do? What can I give? What do I love to do? Pray and ask God to bring you an opportunity to use your mini-ministry. Then make a plan to start your mini-ministry as soon as possible. In this season of social upheaval and change, be part of the good and the healing. Tomorrow encourage your brother and uplift your sister. Offer a gift of hope to a stranger. Be the reason someone decides they can make it another day. Give your gift.

We would love to hear about your mini-ministry!

Please leave us a comment below!


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