Waver or Walker?

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Written by Mary Kane

July 1, 2022

“Walk in the steps of faith which our father Abraham had…he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but he was strengthened in faith giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that He who promised was able to perform.” Romans 4: 12, 20. Waver or walker?

God has my attention about a couple of words; waver and walker. We can be one or the other. Not both. One causes us to remain stuck in the wilderness, circling in our problems, worshiping our memories and idolizing our fears. The other ensures we will progress over mountains, through deep seas, past thick walls and walk straight into our Promised Land.

Abraham was not a waver-er.

Romans 4:20 says Abraham did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but he walked in the steps of the faith, giving glory to God (Romans 4:12). The Greek word used for waver in verse 20 is diakrino. Diakrino means “to be at variance with oneself, to hesitate, to doubt, to stagger.” Think of someone with an injured ankle. They stagger/waver through the day trying to complete their normal tasks. what used to take 30 seconds now takes 5 minutes. Wavering is draining.

Abraham was a walker.

He was not driven and tossed by the wind like a wave (James 1). The Greek word used for walk in Romans 4:12 transliterates as stoicheo means to “walk in line, the march of a soldier, to live” (BLB, 2022). Meditate on these definitions for a moment. What is God showing you? Here are a few things I learned about walking in the steps of faith:

  1. If we are walking, we must be following Someone, the Holy One,
  2. If we are walking in line, others must be walking with us,
  3. If we are walking like a soldier, we are part of an army,
  4. If we are walking, we are living the abundant life,
  5. If we are walking, we are always progressing because we are looking forward.

Waver or walker?

I have been a waver-er, driven and tossed by waves of fear and lies, drowning in the opinions of man. But wavering is not my destiny, or yours. God calls us to be walkers–wave walkers. Wave walkers walk on water one faithful step at a time straight to Jesus. Keep those waves under your feet where they belong.

How do we walk by faith?

When we believe God and act, we are walking by faith.Then God strengthens our faith. It doesn’t necessarily mean we will feel strengthened, but our faith will be strengthened. If you are like me, you are probably already thinking, my faith isn’t big enough to walk into my Promised Land. Go back and read the verse again. On what does our faith rest? On our ability to conjure up enough faith to follow Jesus? No. Romans says, Abraham “was strengthened in faith giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that He who promised was able to perform.” Our faith does not rest on our faith, but on our Father. He is able. And because He is able, so are you. So do not waver, but walk the steps of faith.

God bless.

Are you struggling to walk by faith? I’d love to chat with you. Tell me about your faith journey in the comment section below.

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By Mary Kane

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